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by | Jul 15, 2021 | News from the Frontlines

Thank you for stopping by our website to look around! As you check us, out my hope is that you will get a sense of why CHOICES has been serving Teller County for over 30 years. As the culture continues to change and send mixed messages to the teens and young adults alike, we stand as a place of hope serving this community.

Our goal is to reach one heart at a time.

At CHOICES, many of the stories we hear are hard stories. They often include a person not feeling valued, heard, loved or even that they belong. That message has been coming to them almost their whole life. Whether this message is real or perceived, it is the message that they are hearing. Their life choices can be a bi-product of this message.

Consider what happens in the mind of the young woman or man who has been told by their parents or family member, that they better not come home pregnant, or they better not get somebody pregnant. If they do, they will be kicked out of the house. This message is loud and clear – no room for messing up or you will be on the street. We hear this story repeatedly.

Now couple this thought with the pervasive message being sown everywhere.
If you have an unplanned pregnancy, it is ‘no big deal’, you can ‘just ‘get rid of it.’ You make an appointment at the local abortion clinic and get an ultrasound so they can determine the type of abortion you need (they do not show you the ultrasound picture). You give them your $500 + dollars to get a medical abortion. Or if your pregnancy is too far advanced, a surgical abortion. No one needs to know.

But they know…the young lady and the young man. They know what they felt forced to choose. She didn’t want to abort but she didn’t feel like there would be any mercy over this news in her own home, and the boyfriend was pushing hard to ‘get rid of it.’ They both already knew they would be homeless if they told their story at home. She knew she didn’t have anyone to support her decision if she wanted to keep this child. How could she support herself and a baby? Who would be there to help them? She chose her hard, because each choice with an unplanned pregnancy is hard.

She didn’t know this decision was going to change her relationship with the baby’s father. He is angry toward her, lashing out and using demeaning language. She doesn’t understand what happened to their love. She also didn’t know she would be feeling all these horrible feelings inside. So many tears, and anger, and frustration. Where was it all coming from? Why can’t she seem to pull it all together, stay happy at work, keep on living like nothing is wrong? Everyone told her it was no big deal, just a bump in the road. You’ll get over it…why can’t she get over it?

As dramatic as this may sound, it is real life. When she finds our pregnancy center after the hard choice she has made, we can still help her. She can come in and talk with us when she is ready to begin processing her pain. Also, this is where our After Abortion Care comes into service. Once she can attend this 8-week series of confidential group classes, she will have a greater understanding of the emotions she carries and how to give them up to the only One who can help. To receive forgiveness and grant herself forgiveness. There is always hope for healing if we are willing to come to The Healer.

For life,

Our mission is to support teens and young adults of Teller County as they face life altering circumstances, empowering them to make healthier choices for themselves, their children, and their future. We do not judge or manipulate outcomes.

All services are free and confidential.

Pregnancy Testing – We provide a reliable medical-quality urine pregnancy test to confirm a pregnancy.

Limited OB Ultrasound – An obstetrical (OB) ultrasound helps determine the location of the pregnancy, how far advanced the pregnancy is and to detect a fetal heartbeat. Limited obstetrical ultrasounds are offered to women with a positive pregnancy test result given at the center, who meet our eligibility criteria.

STI Testing and Treatment – for two of the most common sexually transmitted infections: chlamydia & gonorrhea. Our RN provides testing using a urine sample. Results take approximately 48 hours, so a follow-up visit is needed to discuss the results and receive treatment (if indicated).

Earn While You Learn Program – From the moment a mom finds out she is pregnant to the time that child reaches the toddler years; we offer free parenting classes that will parents learn and grow with your baby. They will have a mentor who will be with them every step of the way. For each parenting class they attend they earn Baby Bucks to spend in our Baby Boutique to buy the things they need for your baby.

After Abortion Care – Many women who have had an abortion struggle with emotional side-effects. If you or someone you know needs or wants to talk about this, please call our offices. You are not alone, and we can help. In addition, we offer a post abortion healing study, in a small group format, that lasts 8 weeks. This is a confidential group and a safe place to process your pain and heartbreak.