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Welcome to CHOICES

For the past 30 years, abortion rights and human life have been a political hot button in our nation. Since 1973 when abortion in the US was legalized, over 40 million women have chosen abortion. It is estimated that 43% of all women will have at least 1 abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

With numbers that high, the Christian community cannot ignore that there are many walking wounded in our midst and we’re still in the battle for the lives of the unborn and the souls of the women facing the life-changing challenge of an unplanned pregnancy.

CHOICES provides compassionate care, practical help and accurate information to women who believe they’re pregnant and who may be considering abortion. We offer help without judgment and a path to Christ, both in word and deed.


CHOICES wants to help churches, businesses, or individuals find a place to serve or be served by us through local missions, leadership education, abortion recovery counseling and more! Just give us a call if you’d like to know more.
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2017 Annual Report

What happened in 2015? Read our annual report here! annual report 2017

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New Ultrasound Machine

Early this year we were able to purchase a new ultrasound machine with a very generous donation. Our old ultrasound machine was over ten years old. Imagine having a ten year old cell phone!  At our Gala this year we were able to do a live ultrasound during the presentation and it went over very […]

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Building Expansion

Expansion of the Woodland Park office began in June. This expansion will take the office from 700 square feet to 2400. The much needed space will allow us to serve multiple clients at once while providing the level of privacy needed for those in distress. Designed by local architect Dave Langley, the design preserves almost […]

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