Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

woman catching sunPerhaps you think you have nothing to offer those in need. Just remember, God meets the need, but you are his instrument. “On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul” (Ps. 138.3 NIV) God is calling others too. You, your sister, your brother, and God – what an awesome team! Men and women ministering to other men and women in the strength and power of God is the heart and soul of CHOICES.

Woodland Park and Cripple Creek Centers Volunteers Needed

Receptionist* – 3 to 4 hour shifts a week in Woodland Park Office

Receptionist* – 5 hour shift a week in Cripple Creek Office

Men’s Services Support* – 2 to 4 hour shifts at either Center

Earn While You Learn Mentor*

Client Advocate*

Cleaning in either office

Crafting for the Holiday Boutique

Prayer support

Help assemble special mailings

Church representative

Computer support



Administrative help

Bake goodies for special meetings / events

Organizing / straightening Baby Boutique items

*Training Requirements: Receptionist (20 hours training) Earn While You Learn mentor (20+ hours training) Client Advocate (30 hours training with Staff invitation) Men’s Services Support (15+ hours training)


Email moc.o1555729181cseci1555729181ohc@l1555729181ov1555729181 to volunteer for Choices


Email moc.o1555729181cseci1555729181ohc@o1555729181fni1555729181 to become a prayer partner


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