How to: Dads Fatherhood Training

How to: Dads Fatherhood Training

What is the Program?

Often time dads do not see their value in the raising of their babies. They feel inadequate and some have never even held a baby. How to: Dads Fatherhood Training is a program designed to educate, equip and encourage fathers to have the confidence to be the very best dad they can be.

Dads will meet weekly with an experienced mentor dad who will help them learn new skills and know what it takes to be a good father.

As a participant in the How to: Dads Fatherhood Training program, Dads will earn “Baby Bucks” which can be used to purchase clothing and other baby items from our Baby Boutique. The Baby Boutique is stocked by donations of new and gently used clothing, toys, furniture, equipment, diapers, wipes, formula and other baby needs.

How are Baby Bucks earned?

Baby bucks can be earned by keeping scheduled lesson appointments, completing DVD’s and lesson worksheets, completing and turning in homework assignments, and also by making donations to our Baby Boutique as items are outgrown.

What can Baby Bucks buy?

One Baby Buck – quilts, blankets, baby tubs, diapers (12), used clothing (4 pieces)

50 Cents – new clothing (1 piece), baby towels, shoes

25 Cents – books, toys, onesies, undershirts, bibs, socks, hats, bottles, pacifiers

Larger items like furniture are available at various prices depending on availability.